Why does the school need a PTA?

Two reasons, community and funding.

The playground can feel a lonely and daunting place to a 5 year old, and it can feel no less intimidating and hostile to a parent when you’re new or ‘out-the-loop’. This can leave a parent feeling isolated and unhappy. That’s where FoNFS comes in. It’s our job to organise social events that your child and yourself can come to meet other families and make friends. And if you’re really struggling, then we’ll be there at every event to help introduce you or just to have a friendly chat. We want our school community to be an inclusive and happy one because happy children thrive and learn so much more!

So what about funding?   Why can’t the school fund itself? Isn’t that the council’s job? Well, yes it is, and yes it does. BUT, government school funding is a ‘postcode lottery’. The East Riding is one of the poorest funded authorities in the UK. North Ferriby School receives over £2000 less per pupil per year than the best funded schools in the country. That amounts to more than £560,000 per year that our children are NOT getting. Now that’s not fair, and it needs to change. But while we’re waiting for it to change our children are growing up and missing out on the facilities and resources better funded schools can afford. Our children can’t wait and that’s why FoNFS works to raise funds to help the school supplement it’s waning budget and ensure our children get the education they deserve NOW.                                       

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